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About Jewish Voice Ministries International

Jewish Voice Ministries International is a voice both to and for Jewish People around the world.

JVMI is raising awareness about Israel and the Jewish People through television, streaming and digital media, print, international music festivals, medical clinics/humanitarian aid to the Lost Tribes of Israel.

JVMI conducts free medical and dental clinics reaching impoverished Jewish communities in Africa and India. We provide much needed, and often life-saving, care to both Jewish and non-Jewish people and see well over 5,000 patients at each five-day clinic. Each clinic offers a prayer room where patients and family can come to receive prayer and hear the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus). Thousands upon thousands have come to faith in Yeshua as Messiah.

We have a number of media ministries including a weekly television show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis. Rabbi Bernis, a Messianic Jew, hosts many distinguished scholars, authors and authorities for informative and insightful discussion about relevant topics including Bible prophecy, the End Times, current world events pertaining to Israel, the Middle East and biblical history, Jewish holidays, and the Jewish roots of Christianity. With a deep television reach on Christian networks in the U.S. and coverage around the world, this is a major vehicle of ministry.

Our publications include a bi-monthly magazine, Jewish Voice Today, which seeks to stir the hearts of both Christian and Messianic Jewish Believers alike through a thorough examination of Bible prophecy, the Jewish roots of our faith in Yeshua, current events as they relate to Israel, and much more. Our bi-monthly Connections newsletter highlights the impact of Jewish Voice’s work around the world as we minister to Jewish People through medical outreaches and international festivals of Jewish music and dance.

Everything we do is designed to reach the Jewish People with the message of Yeshua.